Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Receive individualized physical therapy with a trained specialist in pelvic health to help relieve pain and improve pelvic floor function

Care administered by trained pelvic health specialists
One-on-one individualized treatment
Private, calming and inclusive environment
Trauma-informed trained professionals

Treatment with Mendwell

At Mendwell, we Pelvic Health Physical Therapy isn't just our specialty - it's our passion. We believe in a holistic approach to healthcare that values listening, understanding and goal setting for the best treatment plan.

Pelvic floor dysfunction affects people of all genders and walks of life! Symptoms such as pelvic pain, urinary frequency or sexual dysfunction can be a sign the pelvic floor isn't functioning optimally.

Our team of certified therapists are passionate about helping patients improve pelvic and core function, relieve pain and get back to feeling their best. Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation or appointment and take the first step towards feeling like yourself again.

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