Urinary Frequency

What it is, how it manifests, and can physical therapy can help.

Urinary frequency is characterized by the need to urinate more often than once every 2-3 hours in the absence of any pathology such as a urinary tract infection. Urinary frequency is often misattributed to having a “small bladder” and is frequently misunderstood as a hereditary attribute when it is actually a treatable condition.

The bladder is a highly trainable organ and is often trained poorly due to misguided habits throughout the lifespan. It can also be impacted by the foods and beverages we consume. Often people who struggle with urinary frequency tend to hold increased tension in their pelvic floor muscles, which can actually confuse the brain into thinking it needs to urinate more often than it actually does.

Pelvic health physical therapy can determine what may be contributing to these symptoms and help correct it through bladder retraining, pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, and implementing better bladder habits.

Urinary Frequency
or related symptoms? Pelvic floor physical therapy can help.

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Other names for this condition

  • Overactive Bladder