Erectile Dysfunction

What it is, how it manifests, and can physical therapy can help.

Erectile dysfunction is multifactorial with the pelvic floor muscles playing a key role. Pelvic floor muscles that are too tight limit blood flow to the penis and put pressure on nerves that supply penile sensation. Whereas weak and under active muscles do not engage to maintain an erection and may have weakened contraction during ejaculation. Both types of muscles (too tight and too lax) are dysfunctional and do not function as they need to in order to achieve optimal sexual function.

Pelvic health physical therapy utilizes manual techniques, diet and activity modifications, exercise, and patient education to help erectile function. Studies have shown that pelvic health physical therapy should be considered a first-line approach to long-term resolution of ED. Manual therapy techniques help to release soft tissue restrictions in areas surrounding the pelvis including abdominals, inner thighs, groin, gluteals, and low back. Lifestyle modifications such as adjusting daily activities, diet, and education can help to address underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction
or related symptoms? Pelvic floor physical therapy can help.

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