What it is, how it manifests, and can physical therapy can help.

Vestibulodynia is characterized by extreme sensitivity and pain at the opening of the vagina, which significantly or completely limits ability to tolerate intercourse, or speculum or tampon insertion. Vestibulodynia is very similar to vulvodynia but is more localized to the opening of the vagina, a region called the vestibule.

While there is no one single underlying cause, a combination of abnormalities of the nerves and overly tight pelvic floor muscles can lead to this condition.

Pelvic health physical therapy can help to relax and stretch the muscles that are too tight. Your physical therapist can work alongside you to develop an individualized self care program.

or related symptoms? Pelvic floor physical therapy can help.

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Other names for this condition

  • Vulvar Vestibulitis