Proctalgia Fugax

What it is, how it manifests, and can physical therapy can help.

Proctalgia fugax is a fleeting anal pain lasting seconds to minutes thought to be caused by a spasm of the anal sphincter. It often occurs at night, but can happen during the day as well. Symptoms completely resolve between episodes, and usually do not occur more often than one time per month.

There is no one specific cause of proctalgia though research suggests that it may be more likely to occur after sclerotherapy hemorrhoid treatment, vaginal hysterectomy, and has an association with other pathologies such as irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety.

Pelvic health physical therapy can help to relieve symptoms for individuals experiencing proctalgia. Your physical therapist can work with you to provide manual treatment to the pelvic floor muscles, surface EMG biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle relaxation, and specific breath work and home stretching exercises.

Proctalgia Fugax
or related symptoms? Pelvic floor physical therapy can help.

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