Erin Stagner

Clinic Coordinator @ Mendwell

Pronouns: She / her


Erin Stagner

Erin Stagner is the Clinic Coordinator at Mendwell Pelvic Health, playing a pivotal role in ensuring operational excellence and an exceptional patient experience.

Erin's education is marked by her pursuit of knowledge and continuous learning, having enhanced her design skills with specialized training, both in Visual Design from Portland State University and Creative Storytelling at Pixar’s Animation Collaborative. This background has equipped Erin with a unique perspective and approach to her role within our clinic, where she applies her design thinking to improve patient communication and operational workflows.

In her current role, Erin is instrumental in fostering a welcoming clinic environment. Her creative problem-solving skills and attention to detail ensure that our patients receive care in a setting that is both efficient and comforting. Outside of her responsibilities at the clinic, Erin continues to pursue freelance graphic design, allowing her to keep her creative passions alive and contribute to our clinic's visual and functional design needs.

Erin Stagner's blend of creative talent and administrative prowess makes her an invaluable asset to our team, enhancing our practice's commitment to providing high-quality care in a patient-centered environment.


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